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18 JULY – 10 AUGUST. 2018

@ THERE IS – 49 Stuart Street, Perth Western Australia 6003



Mon – Fri: 10am – 3pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: 11am – 2pm


Drunk Heart | Cool Eyes is the latest body of work by Australian contemporary artist Joshua Webb. Split into three series, Solaris, Phantasms and Altars, this exhibition features a selection of abstract minimal sculptural objects oriented towards the future and crafted using diverse materials. It is Webb’s most cohesive show to date, comprised of objects, which in their very manifestation push the realms of possibility, oscillating between science, fiction, design, art and architecture..



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Materials: Photopolymer resin, polycarbonate, ABS, aluminium, PMMA, & LED’s

Solaris is a symphony of light poised to hover just beyond our reach, each composition a luminescent allusion to the abstruseness of Stanisław Lem’s novel, Solaris 1961. These ambiguous lights echo the forms of Modernism while anthropomorphizing Lem’s sentiment towards uncertainty and the enigmatic. As these abstract bodies orbit one another they mimic a courtship, each entity bathing its partner in an ocean of colour.



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Materials: concrete, granite and marble aggregate & steel

The Altars series at first glance seem abstruse, as their beauty and politics is not immediately apparent. Their aesthetic is uncompromisingly minimal, modern, abstract and their material raw, brutal and honest. This is a more contemplative art, one that relies on a Zen-like consideration to composition, form and material. This is a slow experience of sculpture that eludes to something heavier, a futuristic religious relic or perhaps to an ode to the Spomenik monuments of Yugoslav.



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Materials: ABS plastic

These knotted complexities were shaped using computational design methods and built using 3d printing. Each phantasmic form a reverberation, a ghost of the one that came before it – the same but marginally different. These structures push the boundaries of building into the realm of the impossible. They are the digital mimic to the organic world - analysed, digitalized, interpolated and abstracted to the point of a science fiction made real. These creatures of the night, forged within the digital beyond are but impressions, impersonations and imposters; their characters are interchangeable plots pulled from selected fictions.